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Instructions for Application - Academic Year 2022-2023

  1. The deadline for 2022-2023 scholarship applications: April 14, 2023. Application received after April 15 will be considered on a funds available basis.

  2. Official transcript must be mailed to The Ronald Wm. Livers  Made For Greatness Scholarship Fund, Inc., P.O. Box 446, Conshohocken, PA  19428, and received by 5/1/2023.  

  3. Only complete applications will be considered. DO NOT LEAVE ANY ITEMS BLANK.

  4. Attach a current copy of your high school transcript.

  5. Two signed letters of recommendation (from a teacher and/or counselor and a non-relative) must be attached to this application.

  6. Essays will be scored according to the attached Rubric.

Consideration for any scholarship award is based on the point system outlined in the attached Rubric.  Scoring categories include application completion, GPA, participation in extra-curricular activities, school organizations, community service and a written essay.  Extra credit will be given for work experience.

Part A: Personal Information

Full Name

Date of Birth


Address - Street, City, State, Zip


Email Address

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Names


Email Address

Address - Street, City, State, Zip (If different from above)

Part B: Academic Information

High School Name

Current GPA

School Attending After High School

Address - Street, City, State, Zip

Part C: Activites

List extracurricular activities, community service and work experience (if any).  Use additional paper if necessary OR upload resume below.

Part D: Accomplishments

List accomplishments and achievements below.

Part E: Essay

Complete and attach 500 word essay on the following topic:


Ronald W. Livers lived a life of service and was thrilled to help anyone willing to “work it” – his favorite catch phrase. In what areas of your life have you served or taught others and how would you like to do so moving forward?

Click here for rubric.

The essay must be a minimum of 500 words, typewritten in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, and double spaced.

Part F: Upload

Upload the following documents
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File

Thank you for submitting your application.

You will receive a confirmation email shortly!

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