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His Story

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Ronald Wm. Livers was affectionately known as “Legs”.  He was a native of Norristown, Pennsylvania and truly loved his home town.   He was a graduate of A.D. Eisenhower High School, and San Jose University, San Jose, California.  He was a highly accomplished athlete throughout high school and college, a world-record holder, and an Olympic gold medal contender.  His athletic achievements took him around the world. The U.S. boycott of 1980 deferred his Olympic dreams, and a subsequent diving accident would keep him from competing again.

Ronnie dedicated his entire career to working with at-risk youth.  He was sure of his purpose, which was to help children to identify a path of dignity, ambition, purpose and self-determination. 

It was very important to him to pay forward the knowledge he had gained from the many mentors and coaches in his life.  He coached track and field at the high school level for many years, and developed athletes that would become champions.  His philosophy for coaching was:  bring your all every day, work hard, and have fun.  He had a very special way of relating to his athletes, and taught that humility, integrity, and character as a teammate are the qualities of a great athlete. 

Ronnie was married to his wife, Adriane, in 1998.  They were blessed with over 30 years of life and love together.  He was the father of Onaji, and the grandfather of Kwalee and Kemet.

In July, 2019, he was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme, the most aggressive type of brain cancer.  Ronald Wm. Livers died in December, 2020.  Ronnie was convinced that education was the key to breaking so many cycles of dysfunction that he observed in his work, and strongly encouraged students to pursue a college education if at all possible.  His college years were “the best four years of his life”, he repeatedly told students. 

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